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All change – well, at least there will (some time) be change …

As for that “really confusing stuff from the Standards Board for England about what I can and can’t say – particularly when I title this as “Chairman’s Log”” – the Localism Bill (though it won’t be law for at least 12 months) is dismantling the Standards Board for England. Though it would be better to describe this as change, rather than dismantling. Something with teeth will be replaced by something without – and all Councils will be required to adopt a model code of conduct (though its described as “voluntary”) and a mechanism to enforce it (though without any real powers …). There are some problems still to be solved – the new mechanisms have no solution for bullying, which is a real problem (not in Histon or Impington, but certainly locally).

And the County Council has plans for introducing clearer guidelines for those it describes as “professional bloggers” – deadlines keep slipping since County HR have more pressing issues arising from “restructuring” – but its coming.


Cambridgeshire County Council employee; Geographic Information Sytems Manager. Impington (Cambridge) Parish Councillor; Chairman, Webmaster et al. Archer (longbow, recurve). Married to Jan, father of Ben

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